Flexmee has come up with the idea of making you look gorgeous while training. We have designed the perfect winter collection with some wonderful  workout pants to make you feel great every time you go running, go to the gym or go to a yoga session.

Our specialty is high tech clothing so you can stretch without having to worry about bad movements, uncomfortable marks, or that your garment rolls up during training. Our women’s  workout pants combine the compression, comfort, wonderful designs, and the safety you need for your everyday working-out activities.

Look no further; be stylish and confident. Select from high waist capris, tummy control leggings and so much more. Your body will feel at ease and you’ll be more than happy to choose any  workout pants you like: leggings with side pockets, mesh and see-through details, solid or trendy colors, it means all that you are looking for to be in the spotlight when performing your daily exercises.

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