About Us

FLEXMEE was created as an entrepreneur Colombian project to create high-tech clothing for the first world market. That was the initial premise. Our specialty is “Clothing with Technology.”

We started this Project with the Women Activewear Clothing collection. To do so, we ran many studies regarding the most selling clothes around the world. We focused on the quality, the fit, the designs, and the prices. Taking these aspects into consideration, we found ourselves in the necessity of creating our own fabrics to fulfill all the expectations. That is when we teamed up with INVISTA, one of the best fine threads producers in the world, to develop our 360º SUPPLEX fabric.

Flexmee offers you years of experience, an exclusive design department, sophisticated computing system and specialized equipment to guarantee great technique and quality in our products. Our main goal is to provide reliable products with ultimate designs, gorgeous style, and comfort to our clients.

That’s why we use great material to create our garments such as SUPPLEX 360º and Powernet. We also added a 4-way stretch system to our fabric and the crotch gusset, features that are necessary for a better performance when working out. We worked hard until we came up with our COMPREX-FLEX® technology, a smart combination that highlights our brand.

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